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Website Design and Development

Website Design and Development

KS Designers are providing tailor made solutions to just about any of your needs, whatever your needs are. We consist of expert professionals who are fully skilled with latest technologies to keep you on the top edge and give you all the newly used tools which will led your website towards the success.

KS Designers have successfully create countless web designs for clients all across the globe at affordable Pricing. We provide web design solutions for companies of all sizes, with all budgets and with various needs.

We keep your information update and help you to be prepared to change as circumstances demand. We also guarantee that if you use this package which we offer you will be well on the way to successful business and would be able to achieve your goals you set. Our contemporary method to use the technology made us little different to others.

We provide the more efficient and user familiar solutions in terms of design, look, content, graphic of the website. There are two way to represent any thought one is the simple way of writing which create a normal impact second to use the template to express yourself which will definitely create a different impact on the users. Similarly the same can be used for website to make the things attractive.

Website Design process
  • Information Gathering
  • Planning and Costing
  • Design
  • Development
  • Testing and Delivery
  • Maintenance

Step 1 : Free consultation

Call or email me to discuss your requirement to get to know each other a bit. There is no obligation.

Step 2 : We will be give you a firm quote

Officially We will send you a firm quote by email.

Step 3 : Getting started

When you are ready, just mail me you signed quote. 50% Advance balance against delivery.

Step 4 : Sending your design data

When your design data is ready, you can send your word processing document to me by email.

Step 5 : Free your 2 rough design

Within a week you will receive your rough designs by email. If you selected any designs, and mail me.

Step 7 : Finishing your work

Carefully and double check everything is perfect. Then We will provide complete source files and password in your website.