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Advertising and Promotion in India

The main objective of advertising and promoting your products is to attract the attention of customers and subsequently persuade them to purchase from your business. It is a way of communicating the benefits of your products to your target audience. Similar to other areas of business, advertising involves setting clear goals and objectives.

One of the benefits of advertising is that it gives you the opportunity to communicate a message to a large audience at one time reducing the cost per contact. However, advertising can also be performed at a smaller and more specialised scale to target a specific market.

Obviously, small business isn't able to compete with large corporations in terms of their marketing budget, so cost-effective strategies are generally a good option in most cases. Some cost-effective advertising solutions include:

  • Local Directories in both print and online.
  • Signage of vehicles, shop fronts, stationary and uniforms.
  • Displaying promotional material at community locations or at non-competitive businesses.
  • Advertising on the reverse side of receipts.
  • Radio, television and print advertisements.
  • Event sponsorship

Advertising and Promotion related services:

  • CD and DVD Replication, Duplication and Manufacture
  • Presentation Folders / ID & Scratch Cards
  • Continuous Stationary / Brochures / Catalogues
  • Leaflets / Flyers / Calendars / Posters / Carry Bags