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Magazine & Journal Design

Design of a Magazine and Journal depends on the client requirements of an organization. The size of a Magazine and Journal depends on the counting of the pages. The Magazine and Journal of your organization reflects your propaganda for your services, products and the vision for future. KS Designers have various Magazine and Journal which is best suited for various industries that contains the most happening visual carriage and thus defy all the most commonly used designers.

There is several related meaning of the word journal. A private journal in referred to as a dairy which contains daily records of events or business. A newspaper or other periodical is published each day; many publications issued at stated intervals, such as magazines or scholarly academic journals or the record of the transactions of a society, are often called journals.

Apart from the most commonly used designs. KS Designers designs journals for various industries/organizations which contemplate the most happening visual carriage.

The composition of the magazine which is released by your organization is quite tough as it is supposed to inform the corporate world about events Promotions, News and necessary information.

We at KS Designers constitutes the professional designers and writes to worked out with the most innovative and creative ideas to formulate the concept of the perfect magazine. That meets your all necessities. Our professionals are trained to handle adverse situations and deliver under pressure in short time frames.

Step 1 : Free consultation

Call or email me to discuss your requirement to get to know each other a bit. There is no obligation.

Step 2 : We will be give you a firm quote

Officially We will send you a firm quote by email.

Step 3 : Getting started

When you are ready, just mail me you signed quote. 50% Advance balance against delivery.

Step 4 : Sending your Magazine Data with content

When your Magazine data with content is ready, you can send your word processing document and High reg. Images to me by email.

Step 5 : Free your 3 rough design

Within a week you will receive your rough designs by email. If you selected any designs, and mail me.

Step 6 : Reviewing and proofreading 3 times

Review each pages carefully for any errors.

Step 7 : Finishing your work

Carefully and double check everything is perfect. Then If you want I will provide you a sample dummy.

Step 8 : Going to Press

If you want then we will be provide complete printing quote. Otherwise we will package (Final print ready PDF and open file + links + fonts.) your digital files ship them to you.