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Package Design

Packaging is the science, art, and technology of enclosing or protecting products for distribution, storage, sale, and use. We work with companies and institutions in projects where we always seek both the best professional result and a great working relationship with our client.

KS Designers is one of the most prominent packaging design the most interesting and creative packaging work. We will try to make the archive as digestible and as possible with less text, like they say, a picture speaks a thousand words!

Our work is based on an innovative use of the resources offered by typography, photography and art direction. We work with the best talent in each specialty and seek printing systems aimed to get excellence in every project.

We believe in the breadth of scale, to work on small projects and large projects at once: this gives us a real insight into the environment in which we work. We believe in projects that we are passionate about, that cross different areas of creative direction and that always provide a direct benefit for our clients.

We are proud to have worked with respected and significant clients and organizations.
  • Eye-catching appearance
  • Design, shape and colour
  • Functionality
  • Innovation Novelty
  • Material
  • Efficient communication
  • Multisensory appeal
  • Appropriateness for the product Packaging
  • Value Packaging
  • Additional benefits Successful packaging

Product Packaging related services:

  • Packaging material
  • Labels
  • Publicity Material - Flex / Vinyl
  • Duplex & Corrugated Boxes

Step 1 : Free consultation

Call or email me to discuss your requirement to get to know each other a bit. There is no obligation.

Step 2 : We will be give you a firm quote

Officially We will send you a firm quote by email.

Step 3 : Getting started

When you are ready, just mail me you signed quote. 50% Advance balance against delivery.

Step 4 : Sending your package design data

When your package design data is ready, you can send your word processing document and High reg. images for product to me by email.

Step 5 : Free your 3 rough design

Within a week you will receive your rough designs by email. If you selected any designs, and mail me.

Step 6 : Reviewing and proofreading 3 times

Review each design carefully for any errors.

Step 7 : Finishing your work

Carefully and double check everything is perfect. Then If you want I will provide you a sample dummy.

Step 8 : Going to Press

If you want then we will be provide complete printing quote. Otherwise we will package (Final print ready PDF and open file + links + fonts.) your digital files ship them to you.