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Book Design | Page Layout | Cover Design

KS Designers will be your great option for book design, page layout and cover designs. We possess a team of professional graphic designers who have designed dozen of book page layout and book cover design.

KS Designers uses graphic design software preferred by most printers like Adobe Indesign, Adobe PageMaker, QuarkXPress etc to provide you the professional appearance in your book layout design, with a cover design, which is the most important advertising element, that will get the attention of your market target.

KS Designers will go through your printers to make sure your book + cover is delivered in conformity with guidelines using all the specs that they provide. We provide the effective maintenance to the files that are submitted to deal with any technical problems that may arise.

We also provide the printing services to the customers at low price and free from all technical problems. Customers are provided the proof in the form of color Ink Jet Printouts by posts and PDF files through email ID.

Client may make research and provide us the images which are used for the cover design. Book cover designs include the cover, spine and back and inside flaps for hardcover books. We provide you the best collection of fonts and best image resources with which to find the ideal image for your cover.

Customers will get the competitive rates on book design, page layout and cover designs. KS Designers provide high quality and tension free product under one roof which have been greatly appreciated by our clients. We assure confidently that you won’t need to go anywhere else once you work with the KS Designers.

Step 1 : Free consultation

Call or email me to discuss your requirement to get to know each other a bit. There is no obligation.

Step 2 : We will be give you a firm quote

Officially We will send you a firm quote by email.

Step 3 : Getting started

When you are ready, just mail me you signed quote. 50% Advance balance against delivery.

Step 4 : Sending your manuscript

When your manuscript is ready, you can send your word processing document to me by email.

Step 5 : Free your 3 rough design

Within a week you will receive your rough designs by email. If you selected any designs, and mail me.

Step 6 : Reviewing and proofreading 3 times

Review each pages carefully for any errors.

Step 7 : Finishing your work

Carefully and double check everything is perfect. Then If you want I will provide you a sample dummy.

Step 8 : Going to Press

If you want then we will be provide complete printing quote. Otherwise we will package (Final print ready PDF and open file + links + fonts.) your digital files ship them to you.